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Welcome to NGF!!!

NGF "Nashville Gig Finder" is the evolution of the pages that were created on Facebook. Our main goal is to connect musicians and music professionals together in order to create opportunities for success and professional growth. NGF is a site by Musicians for Musicians.

On this site you can find work, discounts to your favorite merchandise, post demos of videos and music, post pictures, along with buying and selling merchandise and services. You can post any and all available gigs, auditions, sessions and resume’.

NGF believes we need to stick together to insure job security and reliable sources of income.

This group is for Professionals and we expect our members to be professional.

NGF is striving to build a professional network of music professionals and is offering a FREE membership to be part of this great movement.

Please feel free to invite your music connections to join NGF and be a part of the Musicians Connecting Musicians Movement!

Your NGF Team!!!

NGF Group Sites

locator map Tampa Gig Finder Orlando Gig Finder West Virinia Gig Finder Atlanta Gig Finder Austin Gig Finder Nashville gig Finder Branson Gig Finder Charlotte Gig Finder Chicago Gig Finder Cincinnati Gig Finder Dallas Gig Finder Denver Gig Finder Detriot Gig Finder Gatlinburg Gig Finder Hollywood Gig Finder Houston Gig Finder LA Gig Finder Las Vegas Gig Finder Lexington Gig Finder Memphis Gig Finder Boston Gig Finder New York Gig Finder Oklahoma Gig Finder Pigeon Forge Gig Finder Portland Gig Finder Seattle Gig Finder St. Louis Gig Finder Myrtle Beach Gig Finder Charleston Gig Finder Louisville Gig Finder


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